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Bodies Without Organs

you too can live in bodies without organs

9/30/08 01:03 am - vivicapl - BWO daily

Hey guys!
Wanna be a part of ALIVE community dedicated to BWO? I created it some days ago and I need some bodies full of organs!
You're one of them, aren't you? :>

8/27/05 09:09 pm - my_crimson_rose - Hi ^_^ New to this community...

Hello hello, all! (Or more exactly, few ^^)

New to this community... very good idea, I say, even if not that many have joined yet. ^^

Anyway... I'm from Sweden, and I've been a fan of BWO for almost half a year. The only song I had heard by them by then was "Gone", which I did not like that much at all, and I didn't give the band much attention. A friend suddenly said: "You think Martin Rolinski is pretty, don't you?" And, after almost having forgot how beautiful he was, I went to their site and checked him and the rest of the band out. Then I deceided to give their music a second chance (I had still only heard one song that I knew was theirs) and downloaded their album "Prototype" to give it a try. Guess if I was surprised when I discovered that some of these songs ("Conquering America", "Sixteen Tons of Hardware") were the ones that had frequently been played on the radio the last month! I liked THESE songs very much, but I never knew that it was BWO who was behind them. So, I went and bought their album, and since then I've been a faithful listener who not only wants to lick the screen when Martin appears, but who actually appreciates their music, too. The fact that I like them is kind of fascinating, since I'm usually into more rock-ish music, like U2, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Edguy, and Irish/Celtic music... but I suppose that it's my love for 80's music that makes me like BWO. ^_^

4/3/05 06:21 pm - joeysneddon - come spin around

Well i hope all you BWO fans are gonna start joining soon..

just to get things rolling, why not tell how you first discovered the delights of bodies without organs...
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